Top Startups — Official Ranking of Fastest Growing Startups in America

Here’s our updated list heading into 2018 for the top, fastest-growing startups in America.

Searching for the best startups in America? Angel Kings has an official list ranking the top startups, fastest-growing, and hottest companies in the United States and around the world. Great success doesn’t come without risks, and that is certainly true in angel investing. Risk is inherent in the process, but you don’t have to take unnecessary or uneducated risks to succeed. In fact, that’s something we avoid at Angel Kings by applying our checklists and point system during evaluations of every startup we consider for our investing portfolio.

We have completely updated our startup rankings and this is the last version before the New Year (2018, 2019, 2020 and beyond…)

Here are the top startups in America (and world) that our startup experts and investors have reviewed and have fulfilled our check list in terms of the people (future billionaire CEOs and COOs), product (mobile, desktop and hardware solutions), execution and timing. We also cover the most successful startups in fast-growing industries such as cybersecurity, biotechnology, mobile application, hardware, vice, and enterprise. For each listing, we’ll provide a brief summary of what the startup does, and we’ll go into more detail on a few focus startups from each list to give you an idea of how they relate to our checklist. Here are additional criteria that go into our startup rankings: growth, revenue and cash flow, peer reviews, and ratings and reviews by customers.

What is the Blankenship Top Startup Ranking Criteria?

Official Startup Valuation Method by Ross Blankenship.

Here are more specific criteria for “how” these startups are ranked…

Does the startup have potential to disrupt a billion-dollar marketplace?
Does the startup have great momentum heading into 2018?
How does the startup score on the Blankenship Startup Valuation Method (0–100) scale, which can be found at (Rated as #1 top startup in America)
  1. is a platform where you can download free high-resolution stock photos every 10 days. Created by, a platform for you to connect with freelance web developers and web designers to create our app, website or log, Unsplash makes it easy for web design amateurs to choose professional photos and add that special touch to their website.

Unsplash is now growing exponentially and could easily become as big as Instagram one day (or bigger). (Rated as #2 top startup in America)


AdHawk simplifies digital advertising across multiple channels. The founders, Todd Saunders and Daniel Pratt, are ex-Google employees from the AdWords team. The AdHawk team evolved from the TechStars Boulder program and saw 25% week-to-week growth. The Ad Hawk team continues to grow as they add more than 200+ companies, and many more who remain on their waitlist. We’re excited about the potential this one has to become a billion dollar startup in the advertising and marketing technology channels.

3. Notable Labs

Notable Labs Review (#3 Startup in America)

Everyone would love to say that they helped find the cure to cancer. Notable Labs is paving the way exactly for that. How do they do it? Your doctor will send a sample of your tumor to Notable Labs. Notable Labs will then choose FDA-approved drugs with anti-cancer effects. They then test combinations of these drugs against your tumor, and sends your results to your doctor. Your doctor will use those results to make the best recommendations for you and your treatments. Located in San Francisco, Notable Labs is founded by Matt De Silva in 2014.

Coinbase (Rated as #4 Startup in America)

4.) Coinbase

Coinbase is a digital asset broker, which provides a live, real-time marketplace for the exchange of Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC). We highly recommend checking out Coinbase, particularly if you are interested in being part of the next massive wave of currency and “crypto” trading.

And we’re super bullish on one currencies in particular, Ethereum also known as “ETH.” (Rated as #5 Top Startup in America)

5.) Bollyshake (

If you love Bollywood, or if you love Indian dance, then Bollyshake is a site you have to visit. It’s the YouTube of everything Indian dancing. The site holds monthly dance contests where contestants can win cash prizes or meet-and-greets with prominent Bollywood choreographers. With Bollywood taking the world by storm, founder, Rohit Gupta has found a way to connect the millennial generation to the long history of Indian culture of dance. (Rated as #6 Top Startup in America)


Tired of having to go to the store and try on clothes only to not buy anything? Or maybe you’re just tired of having to stand in line to get a fitting room. now lets you try on clothes from your favorite online stores at the comfort of your home…for free! Simply go to the online retail store that collaborates with (and there are many), hit the “Try for free” button, and if you don’t like the clothes, then you have 7 days to return them. Located in San Francisco, this online retail gem is founded by Ankush Sehgal and Arush Sehgal in 2012.

Eero (Rated as #7 top startup in America)

7.) EERO

Eero is disrupting the WiFi space with their motto: No more buffering. No more dead zones. Eero makes sure you have a strong WiFi connection wherever you by using their portable hardware that provides several WiFi access points in your house. Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, Eero is founded by Nick Weaver, Nate Hardison and Amos Schallich.

Cheddar Company (Rated as #8 Top Startup in America)


Based in New York, New York, Cheddar is founded by Joe Steinberg. Cheddar is the on demand video of Product Hunt, where it is a live and on demand video news network whose main topics are the most popular and innovative products, services and technologies for you.

Kezar Life Sciences (Rated as #9 Top Startup in America)


Similar to Denali, Kezar Life Sciences is another biotechnology startup that aims to help doctors in developing drugs to cure rare and hard-to-cure diseases. With Kezar Life Sciences, they are developing drugs that target protein homeostasis for autoimmune disorders. Founded in 2015 by Christopher Kirk, Kezar Life Sciences is currently located in South San Francisco, CA.

Lola Travel (Rated as #10 Startup in America)

10.) Lola Travel

With Kayak, Expedia and Travelocity trying to make it convenient for travelers to book the perfect vacation, Lola Travel created their own iPhone app that provides their own on-demand and personal travel service by connecting you to Lola Travel consultants to book your hotels and create your dream vacations. Located in Boston, Lola Travel was founded by Bill O’Donnell with Paul English as the CEO in 2016 .

Honorable Mention:

Addepar Company (Rated as Honorable Mention for Best Startup in America)

Addepar is a financial services company that serves as a cloud-based platform that consolidates your financial data in one space, which aligns your financial goals with better investment insights and keeps all your date safe and secure. Addepar is located in Mountain View, CA. It was founded in 2009 by founders Jason Mirra and Joe Lonsdale.

The above rankings were calculated using metrics and analytics from the Blankenship Valuation Method.

Ross Blankenship (Venture Capitalist + Startup Entrepreneur/Expert)

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