Who was one of the first, earliest investors in Ethereum (“ETH”)?

Ross Blankenship
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Answer: Ross Blankenship

The other day I saw someone ask a question on Quora about the earliest investors in the cryptocurrency called “Ethereum” or “ETH.”

Specifically someone had pinged me because they saw my YouTube video that was posted early in 2016 and wanted to know whether I was actually one of the first investors in Ethereum.

Well, the answer is yes. I was one of the first investors in Ethereum. And I’m proud to say, I’m ready to #HODL because the Ethereum network will continue to grow and eventually bypass Bitcoin.

During late 2015 and into early 2016, I had been asked to speak at a local conference. At this conference were several of my fellow geeks and investors (both), talking about this guy named Vitalik Buterin.

After hearing rumblings about the nature of a potential rival to Bitcoin, called Ethereum…. my mind began to wonder.

What was Ethereum?

What was a smart contract?

What’s the blockchain….?

See, when I realize I don’t know what a technology is or how it works, I go learn!

And thank goodness I did.

After spending close to 4 weeks reading up on the emergence of smart contracts and the potential to create a completely decentralized interface for transactions that cut out the middle man (i.e. banks, lawyers, and institutions), I was excited.

Around the time I learned about Ethereum, the price was hovering in the low $ and I immediately jumped on and found out ways to become involved with Ethereum.

When I spoke about Ethereum (read: begged others to buy ETH), people thought I was crazy. People thought it was stupid.

Well, “people” were wrong.

After surviving multiple attacks on the Ethereum chain and the disaster known as the “DAO,” Ethereum is back… with a vengeance.

I’m ready to #HODL to #ETH until it surpasses Bitcoin and becomes the new standard for our economy.

Will there be more downs before UPs for Ethereum? Of course.

Will Ethereum take more hits… lose some temporary momentum… of course!

Ross Blankenship: Venture Capitalist and Early Investor in Blockchain, Ethereum and Bitcoin.

But the transaction network for Ethereum continues to grow… exponentially.

I’m in Ethereum for the long run.


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