Building a website

Cos we don’t have enough already

I’ve long wanted to build digital stuff but always got bored as I wasn’t solving a problem. But then I moved house and boom, I suddenly had a problem:

Within ten minutes of the house there are three stations, Anerley, Clock House and Kent House. All go into central London but on three separate lines into three separate central stations. I need a quick display showing me when the next train leaves from each of the three stations to one of the three target destinations.

UPDATE 1 — October 12th

Followed half of a codeacademy tutorial on basic HTML and built a very simple site. Has a couple of links, an image from Instagram of a train (IN PENGE!!!) and a link to live data on one of the stations.

Dusted off an old domain I bought and stuck the site on that — we have a site!

THINGS LEARNED: getting stuff live, basic HTML, identifying information from an API.

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