How to design, animate and theme Lottie files in React Native

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Take your UX to the next level with Lottie animations

Lottie is a library originally created by AirBnB to allow After Effects animations be exported as JSON objects, and played natively on mobile platforms and the web. Lottie for React Native is particularly popular right now with over 100,000 weekly downloads at the time of writing, and this is for good reason — the library allows developers to use industry standard tools that create complex animations that can look extremely impressive running natively on a mobile device.

High performance vector animations offer fluid transitions and shape deformations on the vertex level, as well as other benefits like scaling and theming support out of the box. …

Breaking down components fuelling yield farming and the rapidly growing DeFi space

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DeFi: Ethereum’s emerging flagship use case

The terms decentralised finance and yield farming have been aggressively thrown around social media and the Cryptocurrency press as of late in an attempt to capitalise on the buzz and interest of the community. These terms encompass a range of protocols that have launched on the Ethereum mainnet, in the form of smart contracts, that allow token holders to take part in various activities in an attempt to generate more tokens and increase their holdings. One can think of these smart contracts as financial instruments that token holders can take part in, and generate rewards in return.

These financial instruments have become quite sophisticated — they provide a level of automation and ability to move assets around protocols based on which protocol can offer the best returns. The most popular suite of tools to do this currently is with Yearn Finance, a relatively new library of smart contracts that aim to maximise the profit of token holders by automatically moving their tokens around protocols to generate the most revenue possible. …

An introduction to customising your React apps with Material UI themes

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Material UI: The winning React UX library in 2020

Material UI is currently the most popular UI framework for React, with the library providing a range of ready-to-use components out of the box. The library consists of components for layout, navigation, input, feedback and more. Material UI is based on Material Design, a design language that Google fore-fronted originally but is now widely adopted throughout the front-end developer community.

Material Design was originally announced in 2014 and built upon the previous card-based design of Google Now. …


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