Be Social on Social Media
Jake Peters

Hi Jake. Spot on.

The amount of times I’ve received messages on Twitter (across various niches) initiating conversation and when I reply… no response.

The best example was from a social media company who asked my opinion on something. I replied and continued the ‘conversation’ with a question. Again, no reply. From a social media management company. I’d hate to be their client.

If you’re not going to be social, just don’t bother. And don’t half-arse it either 😀

On a side note. Was smiling yesterday with your personal branding piece. I run several newsletters, none using my name. But next week I’ll be launching a newsletter for entrepreneurs, as me 😀

And I’ll be publishing my first post on Medium. Draft done…

Have a great weekend Jake and thanks for your support and advice regarding me actually publishing as me!

Cheers Jake.