September 18

…or, a taste of my experiences in an ordinary day in ABM12

Editor’s note: this was originally written on September 18, 2018, as these events transpired in front of me. Revised on January 9, 2019, with names redacted.

“Do you know the secret to life’s success? I will give you one. Dream big, be realistic. Work smart, not hard.” Those are the lines that a close friend of mine said while we are busy working away during class.

“What was that picture?” the class artist asked, pointing on the mockups on the whiteboard. He proceeded to create a basic layout.

In the corner of my eye, instead of doing the task of the day, two very close friends are busy playing some sort of Flash game.

“Class, in the ad — so this is the picture, maybe a logo, and you can put the name of the company or their product, and some slogan or tagline or contact details — usually, it’s like that,” our teacher chimed in.

“Do you know that Snapchat is dying? Ask me why,” my friend said.

“Because all the other social media platforms followed suit,” the scam artist said in reply.

Looking around, you can see more things that people do during this class…

  1. Someone on the second row is picking his nose.
  2. Another someone on the second row is eating her food. (Eating inside the classroom, especially those filled with computers and other sensitive things, is prohibited.)
  3. Someone on the first row is playing a new mobile game, presumably downloaded from an ad on his smartphone.
  4. The classroom artist used Comic Sans as his font of choice in his layout.
  5. Two girls went to the guy in number 3 and asked him about something trivial.
  6. Another guy accidentally downloaded the wrong KFC graphic. According to him, “it’s an honest mistake.”

I’ll be right back for more stories. See you later.