I’ve joined Etch as Product Design Lead

Two weeks ago, I wrote about how working in the education, technology and eCommerce sectors had given me a real grasp of how large businesses function and how that should serve me well in my upcoming role.

That’s because I’ll be working with more businesses as I move away from client-side, where I’ve been for the past four years, and move to a user experience design studio.

I’ve joined Etch!

Who is Etch? Etch is a user experience design and marketing studio. We work to the mantra of “love what you do”, so you’ll find a lot of positivity and passion when speaking and working with us.

This is Edoardo. He’s doing some work.

Who would want to use Etch? Ambitious business leaders looking to build, measure and learn with a user-centered design philosophy that is in line with their business strategy. We’ve recently partnered with businesses such as British Airways, Benefex and The Pig Hotel, so you’ll be in good company.

I’m now primarily located in my hometown of Southampton, occasionally visiting our studio in London and Cape Town.

The fridge and coffee machine in our Southampton studio have become good friends of mine.

My commute is a 15 minute bicycle ride. It ensures I start and end the day well.

Our studio has a family dining table, a dog called Bonnie, studio breakfasts on Fridays and finish at 3pm, scooters, pizza days and drinks at the launch of every new project, my own standing desk and a view overlooking the port of Southampton. Not going to lie, it’s the nicest place I’ve ever worked.

We also host a lot of events, including ShareUp Soton, Full Stack Hants, Etch Summer Summit and Young Digital Makers Coder Dojo. I took my children to the Coder Dojo a few weekends ago and within a few hours they had made a chatbot and an animated story.

Big fans of a certain colour of pink here at Etch.

What I am doing at Etch? As the Product Design Lead of the digital products team, I find myself doing a little of everything! From helping develop the digital product design process, to challenging everything we produce, to developing deep relationships with our partners, to putting users at the centre of all that we do, to building business relationships and cultivating team talent. Ultimately, I’m here to ensure that we deliver truly great experiences to users and our partners.

There’s Edoardo again!

The team is thirty strong and lead by our managing director, Tom. He’s great. I’ve learnt in my career so far that I need to work with excellent leaders and I think I’ve found quite a few at Etch.

Why Etch? I believe that design needs to be faster, even more user-centered and data driven. The market is telling us that we can ideate, prototype and test with users within five days (with design sprints), and that in product design, we can build, measure and learn in a cycle. I’m working with the team to execute on that vision and so far, the conversations have been extremely positive,

In fab teammates, we trust.

I’m also personally looking forward to experimenting with a tonne of design and digital ideas that I’ve only read about over the past few years (and included in my weekly newsletter). Being able to execute upon them with both the team and with our partners is sure to be massively rewarding.

Will working on the user interface for one of our cool partners.

I’ll continue to curate my weekly newsletter of design, cycling and coolness. If you’re not on it and want to learn more, please subscribe and also find previous best practice in the past 78 issues!

Finally, I want to thank Tom, Shelly and Callum at Etch for taking a chance on me. Let’s do this!

p.s. You should totally follow me on Instagram where I’m sharing some #studiolife from my first week.

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