Overkill’s The Walking Dead gamepad, Keyboard, Mouse not working

Overkill’s The Walking Dead gamepad, Keyboard + Mouse not working

Game Update — Fix Patch

1) Download the patch
2) Run the patch installation
3) Play and enjoy

Overkill’s The Walking Dead Keyboard not working (Fix problem)


The story of the game Overkill’s The Walking Dead:
Overkills the walking dead takes place in a post apocalyptic washington d. The main threat is actually humans, since theyre still the first and foremost danger in the walking dead universe. Theres zombies dotted around a lot of areas, congregated around gates, or milling around in the dark and foreboding underpass, but theyre not too difficult to deal with through a mixture of stealth takedowns and straight up melee weapon bashing. 2016 was a good one in the world of games at least but, ever the optimists, were hoping next year will be even better. Overkills the walking dead will be vastly different from telltale games adaptation of the same. As a developer, we specialize in live support and cant wait to get started with our post launch.

Overkill’s The Walking Dead gamepad not working on pc