1/5/17 - Productivity Hacks and Personal Life

Assuming that most people don’t want to read your blog I think I can safely assume that this form of public journalling doesn’t tend to end up very public. I’ve been blogging on and off throughout the year on various random topics to test the water on projects I have an interest in talking about. However having enjoyed that experience I think that the biggest takeaway is that it’s actually really nice just to pick a time every week, get out your thoughts and share them for all to see. Luckily most people will never bother to read it but that makes it all the more special when a friend pops up and says ‘I read your blog, it was really interesting, I totally feel the same’.

My previous mini blog, The New Media Diet, documented an extended new years resolution to stop consuming such a shit diet of poor quality media (fake news, social media, celebrity twitter feeds). I feel like it would be more interesting to incorporate an everyday blog more open about my personal life and goals, along with some of my more wacky theories on productivity.

I guess it would make sense to introduce myself in a way, though anyone reading this will most likely have found it via my Facebook page, therefore I’d like to think you have a basic knowledge of who I am and what I’m about. Though sometimes I don’t even know exactly who I am and what I’m about. So currently, these are the 3 things that best define me at this exact point in time.

  1. I run a film start up — Corporate video
  2. I do comedy — Stand up and youtube sketches
  3. I’m obsessed with productivity — How to hack your life and get more done.

Essentially this blog will be a public diary, documenting the goals I’m setting myself in these departments and tracking how I can make improvements.

What did I do in April 2017?

So after much reading of finance and self help books I’ve come around to the idea that the key to success is good planning. Identify what you want to achieve long term and break that down into smaller manageable chunks right to the micro level where you can begin executing these goals. This is easier said than done but the first step is trying. E.g. if you want to perform a sold out show at the O2 arena in 5 years, you’ll need to:

  • have sold out the Apollo in 4,
  • toured internationally in 3,
  • successfully toured nationally in 2,
  • created a series of content well known enough to justify a tour in 1,
  • tried out enough shitty content to actually get to some good ideas within 6 months,
  • get together a handful of people to actually help you make content/ put on shows within 2 months,
  • Go to enough events to actually meet the people you need by the end of this month
  • Have written a routine that you can take to an event and attract attention by the end of this week
  • Watch a piece of content you admire and make notes on what makes it good by the end of today.

You get the picture. Actually it’s probably missing the final step, successfully pull yourself out of bed and get dressed. I don’t care what Gary Vee says, injecting hustle into your everyday life isn’t always easy.

At the start of the month I set myself the following goals

  • Master a new stand up comedy set
  • Shoot a personal documentary and comedy sketch
  • Plan some creative spec ads for interesting businesses.
  • Shoot a video for my own business and start a social media campaign
  • Roll out a comprehensive social media campaign.

Only thing here I didn’t really get done was shooting a video for my own business. My excuse is I got too busy with a particularly taxing project. However responsibility is key and I should have delegated/ managed my time more effectively to get everything done. That’s number 1 of my list fo goals for May.

Goals for May 2017

  1. Upload a video to youtube every week. I used to do this but fell off and got unproductive.
  2. Perform a completely topical stand up set written on current news released that day.
  3. Complete a marketing video for my business based on the results of the first month Facebook marketing campaign I did. Scale up the marketing spend and combine with a cross platform strategy.
  4. Market test a new business idea that I have (video newsletter platform). This allows me to end the month with a solid idea to pitch for investors at an event in July. (June spent creating the pitch)
  5. Expand by business team to 4. Bringing on board an intern next week and need to recruit and hire a full time salesperson.