#1 Suspect of GOP candidate who funded the Trump Russian dossier: John Kasich

John Kasich

Trump said on Wednesday he had an idea who funded the “Pee Pee Gate” Dossier. One particular candidate sticks out like a sore thumb. This person was the first to push the meme that Trump was in love with Putin. He paved the way for the Trump — Russia bullying campaign despite the absence of proof.

This person was a GOP candidate who stayed in to the very end of the primary despite having zero chance. Who was this person? Jeb. WRONG! It was Ohio Governor John Kasich.

Let me rack your memory. John Kasich was one of the first to point out that because Trump did not want an expanded war in Syria, that he must be a Russian agent. It was John Kasich who created this meme, which explains why he hung in the primary all the way to the end. John Kasich was on a Soros suicide mission.

It was Kasich who made this meme:

The establishment loved this meme. John Kasich is essentially the originator of it. If he didn’t fund it, he sure as hell started it.

And who was funding Kasich’s campaign when he had no chance of winning?

According to Breitbart he was one of many GOP candidates who were taking money from George Soros.

So Mr. Kasich has a lot of questions to answer. Why was he pushing this Trump — Putin meme from day one. Why did he take money from the man who is the ventriloquist hand of global government?

One more thing, from the WikiLeaks we know John Kasich in particular was in bed with Hillary Clinton. In emails between Huma Abdein & John Podesta there was clear collusion being documented, where money from the Clinton Campaign was being diverted into the Super PAK of Anti-Trump challengers, most notably John Kasich. Full story.

Kasich was also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. This would align him closely with John Brennan & James Clapper’s wing of the Intelligence Community. An intelligence community who we are now learning used this fake dossier to unmask Americans. Full story.

We know now, and it is a widely accepted fact by everyone that the DNC & Clinton Campaign paid for this dossier. However the mainstream media is accurate to report, a GOP candidate started this dossier, and I am 99% sure that person was John Kasich.