As I predicted The Left has squandered all their sympathy points.


After Charlottesville I wrote this article. I argued that the left would over play their hand and ruin any momentum they gained from sympathizers, just purely by being themselves.

Well here we are, and that is exactly what has happened.

They started ruining their momentum by vandalizing statues they didn’t like. This of course quickly made news headlines. In the dead of night, the mayor of Baltimore decided to take down statues he didn’t like, despite an on-going debate within the city council.

Baltimore Removes Statue

That was just the beginning…

First a rally in Boston was protested by hundreds of black-clad AntiFa. The media had spread the lie this “free speech” protest was a White Nationalist rally, which wasn’t true.

Again — optics. The Boston free speech rally was cut short after protesters made it difficult for the rally to go on. The protesters then attacked the police throwing feces and urine on to officers.

Boston AntiFa attack police

Violent protest erupted over the weekend in Berkeley over a peaceful prayer demonstration. Even the far-left WaPo had to denounce that AntiFa attacked “peaceful” right-wing protesters.

Full article here.

Now the fallout from Berkeley continues. Berkeley’s far-left BAMN supporting Mayor even said it was time to label AntiFa “a gang”.

I disagree, AntiFa is a terrorist organization, a gang does not adequately describe them, something that I have wrote extensively about in this article and this article.

We also had the LA times put out a article saying that left-wing activist are now soul searching after the Berkeley violence.

Then you have “Centrist” Tim Pool, who came out with a video where he broke down why The Left was driving more people to the right. This all despite there being a disproportionate number of right-wing terror vs left-wing terror. He explained why The Left was driving people away from their movement, with their AntiFa antics.

Tim stands correct, for many of the reasons I pointed out in my original article on this. The more The Left embraces AntiFa and cultural Marxism, the more people they will drive into Donald Trump’s voter base. The Right is becoming a counter culture movement on it’s own merit.

They may be shutting down conservative & alternative free thinkers on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, PayPal, Patron & Go Fund Me, but it is this puritan attitude which is making conservationism “punk rock”.


The real loser in this? You will get a kick out of this. CNN is the real loser. After Charlottesville they started to come out in favor of AntiFa as a necessary activist group to fight fascism in America. CNN went as far to write this puff piece, and then changed their article headline at the request of AntiFa after they complained!

Chris Cuomo defended AntiFa on Twitter and got roasted.

So there you have it, The Left took all their sympathy points and flushed it down the drain. CNN propped them up, because they are so blind with hatred for Trump they endorsed a violent terrorist organization.

Now the average, silent majority American is fed up with the race baiting attacks from The Left. All thanks to AntiFa The Left is back on the defensive, as they try to clean up their image after the Berkeley mass assault.

This was predictable.