As the nationalist distance themselves, perhaps Trump is distracting the Generals / NeoCons … let me explain.

The Game is Changing

Wow! My 4th article today! I guess this is what happens when you get banned from Twitter for 24 hours.

However I digress, Twitter’s censorship bot is gonna hate on me regardless. I just live with it. What I really would like to talk about in this article is something many — nationalist leaning Trump supporters have been concerned about over the past few months, and something that concerns me also.

What I am talking about is the recent spat, Trump is having with the Neo-Conservative Wing of the deep state. When I say this, I am talking about the military generals like James Mattis, John Kelley, HR. McMaster & many others who have clearly gained influence on the President.

Trump & HR. McMaster

In addition to surrounding himself, with some of the most hawkish people in the world, he also employs the likes of many New York big business style Democrats like Gary Cohn who lined Hillary Clinton’s pockets with millions of dollars.

What I see on the surface is a President who ran on a nationalist-lite or “America First” agenda, taking a turn towards the establishment swamp rather than away from it.

However, I remember five words, Trump had given in his RNC acceptance speech. Five words that the media crucified him for, and used to paint him as a narcissist. What were those five words???

“Only I can fix it”

Trump at the RNC

I believed it then and I believe it now. When said “Only I can fix it” this was not a poor choice of words, it was truth. Trump knew what he was getting into when he took the job.

Trump knows who George Soros is, he knows what AntiFa is, he knows about the 28 pages, he knows about globalism & the theft of American wealth through bad trade deals.

He knows we have diminishing sovereignty and standing in the world, he knows the Clinton’s are criminals, he gets it. So why does it appear … again on the surface, he is giving up on the agenda he sold to the American people?

Make America First

When we see hardcore patriots like Stephen Bannon & Sebastian Gorka resign in disgust over this betrayal of “America First” policies it is a huge cause for concern, if you truly understand what has been going on.

Perhaps Bannon and Gorka left the White House because they figured something out bigger. Perhaps Trump, figured this out as well, perhaps there is more here than what we see on the surface.

A hidden “war” strategy against the entire left-right paradigm of establishment deep state politics in Washington.

US Capitol.

So let me explain, and I could be totally wrong, but I do not doubt the genius of Trump’s 4D chess skills.

So brace yourselves for this, it is going to require a little bit of thinking outside the box, this is what Trump does best. If you studied his campaign you know he is know stranger to unorthodox pragmatism.

So let’s dive right into this.

The best way I can describe what has been going on to set all this up is to do it chronologically. Here is a time line of events, you are probably familiar with.

January 21st 2017. Donald J. Trump takes the oath of office, becomes the 45th President of the United States.

Immediately Trump and his transition team start to try and fill out positions within the White House & throughout the Administration & other key government roles.

Trump takes oath of office.

Late January / Early February — Cabinet hearings begin in the Senate, but are meant with unprecedented obstruction from Democrats & the news media.

There is a massive stall out on filling out roles, such as the Attorney General, Secretary of State, Director of National Intelligence, CIA Director, Secretary of the interior, Secretary of education … the list goes on.

The Administration is plagued with leaks from unknown Obama hold overs. Trump is forced to fire General Flynn from the National Security Advisory position when he learns that he stated incorrect information to Mike Pence.

Trump hires General HR. McMaster to replace General Flynn.

Note. General Flynn was the first nationalist / non-globalist to be removed from Trump’s white house staff.

Jeff Sessions Senate Confirmation Hearing

Late February. Trump finally starts to get some of his cabinet approved thanks to Senate Republicans.

The Democrats & the media turn from obstructing cabinet positions, to pounding the war drum on the now debunked Trump-Russian collusion story.

Damaging leaks continue, from phone tense phone calls with the Australian Prime Minister, to Trump walking around the White House in his bath robe looking out of place. The leaks from the White House go from bad to worse.

Democrat Propaganda Poster.

Early March 2017 the deep state takes a run at Trump’s second most hated “Nationalist” at the time. The Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The Washington Post releases a story on how Jeff Sessions met with the Russian ambassador, and did not disclose this to transition team.

Jeff Sessions is forced to recuse himself from the Russian investigation, which made the President furious.

Rod Rosenstein is now in charge of the Russian investigation that was then being headed by James Comey.

Rod Rosenstein

Mid April 2017 unknown anonymous sources continue to slam the White House with leak after leak.

The President starts to take swipes at the investigation, in a closed door one on one meeting, he ask James Comey if he can let the investigation of General Flynn go.

This creates a big mess later on, as Comey thought the President was giving him an instruction, not a suggestion.

Comey and Trump

May 2017 after giving his reasoning to the Senate Intelligence Committee why he made the announcement on Clinton / Wiener laptop emails when he did, Trump fires James Comey at the recommendation of Rod Rosenstein.

The media goes into full on melt down mode, calls for a special prosecutor grow.

Eventually Robert Mueller is appointed to special council.

Damaging Memo from James Comey is leaked to the press, this memo about how Trump asked Comey to let the investigation into General Flynn go.

Robery Mueller

June 2017 After much media hype James Comey gives his infamous testimony, which amounts to a nothing burger. In the words of liberal pundit Chris Mathews “The Russian story is dead”… at this point we start to see Mueller go from investigating Russian Collusion, to going into Trump’s personal finances.

It become clear at this point. A soft coup by forces of the deep state is in motion. Trump starts holding rallies to take his message to the people & frankly defend himself. It was as if Trump was expecting this to happen.

Trump holds America First rally in Florida.

The media, at this point is engaged in an unprecedented level of yellow journalism, propaganda & outright sedition against the White House.

A story / leak breaks in the New York Times about how Don Trump Jr. met with a Russian Lawyer (Natalia Veselnitskay) who promised him information on Clinton.

Nothing came of the opposition research meeting. At the advice of Jullian Assange, Don Trump Jr. releases the full email chain.

No criminal behavior was noted, the story quickly dies when Right-Leaning media points out the Russian Lawyer, was in the country with special permission by Loretta Lynch despite the fact her visa was denied.

Further investigations pointed out the lawyer was involved in Anti-Trump protest and was vehemently pro-Clinton.

Natalia Veselnitskaya

Mike Cernovich starts to break information, that Soros is tied to HR. McMaster. Shortly thereafter, the Daily Caller reports news of McMaster removing people with nationalist views from the national security council. All indications are a purge of pro-Trump loyalist have began within the White House & intelligence community, particularly involved with the national security council.

Also important to note. Trump had a brief spat with Attorney General Jeff Sessions. An argument which ultimately ended in the two men reconciling their differences.

Ben Garrison Cartoon

July 2017 the big shake up happens. Trump on his own accord appoints Anthony Scaramucci to the position of White House Communications Director.

At this time Reince Priebus (Chief of Staff & Sean Spicer) are suspected of leaking to the press. Scaramucci declares war on the leakers, immediately goes to the New Yorker magazine and bad mouths Reince / Bannon. Spicer resigns, upset with the appointment of Scaramucci.

After General John Kelly is appointed White House Chief of staff, Scaramucci is subsequently fired.

Jared Kushner, Roger Stone, Paul Manafort & Michael Caputo all have closed door hearings with the Senate Intel committee.

Nothing comes of these hearings, other than some partisan leaks by Senator Jackie Speier in regards to Michael Caputo & his wife.

Mueller expands his investigation into Russia. Mueller convenes a grand jury and immediately starts the subpoena process.

Note. Roger Stone, said it best Scaramucci, was sent in as a “political suicide bomber”. President Trump didn’t want to fire Reince or Spicer because of the optics, so he sent Scaramucci in to do the dirty work, whether Scaramucci knew it or not this is exactly what happened.

Anthony Scaramucci

August 2017 Reports start to flood in that Trump is upset with the way the war in Afghanistan is going. This seems to be ultimately what drove Bannon & Goaka out of the White House.

Calls for Bannon to leave the White House intensify after the “White Nationalist” car attack in Charlottesville.

A week later, Bannon is gone, however Bannon resigned due to the policy change on the war in Afghanistan before Charlottesvillie even happened. Gorka soon follows.

This seemingly was the end of the “Nationalist Movement” within the Trump administration.

In leaving Bannon declares war on Trump’s enemies in the White House and within the media. Gorka takes harsher in tone, but releases similar rhetoric in his exiting statements.

Donald Trump & Sebastian Gorka

TODAY… So how does this time line of events tell a much broader story? It is clear, the establishment never intended on letting Donald Trump be the President.

Since early May Trump was aware, being the pragmatist he is, he was being targeted for removal of office. Bannon and Gorka also knew this to be the case & were warning the President on a daily basis.

Defeating the deep state…

Now it is time to put yourself in the shoes of Donald Trump. You are the President & you are surrounded by people who want to take you out. How do you defeat them? If you take off the gloves, punch them in the nose, the optics will be bad, very bad.

If he called it for what it was, a coup d’état, he would be called a conspiracy theorist & a kook.

If he did nothing, they would take him out.

So what is Trump’s move on this 4D chess board? It is the only move he had left, which is playing possum.

Trump Mocking The Media

Trump knows McMaster & all those he hired in the National Security Council wanted a ground war in Syria. He didn’t give them Syria, he gave them something bigger to chew on: Afghanistan.

By this time Trump had figured out the ins and outs of Washington. He had figured out how the deep state works, a place where he has few allies, however there is one sleeper in the deep state, with nothing to lose.

President Trump & Henry Kissinger

That man is Henry Kissinger. A man Trump has used to set up a back channel to China with. Henry Kissinger arguably has been Trump’s mentor when it comes to understanding US Foreign Policy and the Military Industrial Complex.

Kissinger knows all of Soro’s deep dark secretes, he knows just about everyone in the deep states evil deeds, he is a man with a luandry list of his own evil deeds. The take away is because Kissinger knows, now Trump knows. Kissinger is Trump’s ace inside the deep state. This is a little secrete not too many people know about.

So how do Bannon & Gorka play into the possum strategy? Both of these men learned early on they were going to be barred form getting anywhere near any real information to advance the Trump agenda.

Bannon Frustraighted

They were kept as political strategist, but what good is political strategy if you cannot implement policy?

Policy is what matters after all, and they found themselves on the inside, looking out — yes I know that is backwards but that is what was happening.

Therefore Bannon & Gorka had no way of effecting policy. They both recognized, and perhaps Trump recognized the administration had been successfully co-opted by the Neo-Conservative wing of the deep state. Trump also had the deep state dissected at this point with the help of Dr. Kissinger.

Trump & The CIA Logo

Trump launches the reboot of the war in Afghanistan — purely as a distraction. You can tell how well this announcement went over with the war hawks and neo-cons based on the tweets of Lindsey Graham and John McCain among many others in the neo-conservative GOP establishment.

Senator Graham on Fox News

Bannon and Gorka both return to Breitbart news and hit the ground running. Immediately they start exposing the problems within the White House and the policy being implemented.

Suddenly at this point the war in the deep states goes from being mono-dimensional (being fought from the inside, alone) to multi-dimensional and asymmetrical with the counter parts on the inside to complement them (that being Trump).

Steve Bannon & Donald Trump

In other words, Trump is fighting from the inside, Bannon & Gorka are fighting from the outside. Trump has ingeniously drawn all his enemies around him, he himself their target, and released two heavy hitters armed with a nuclear information warfare arsenal ready to go.

This leaves the people surrounding Trump, the possum being vulnerable from outside attacks in the information war. If I am right or wrong, this is exactly what you will now see start to play out.

This is a concerted effort by Trump, Bannon and Gorka to defeat the deep state & stop the coup of the Administration & rescue the “America First” agenda. Perhaps this is what Bannon meant when he said he was “going to war”.

Trump Administration Members in a Meeting.

Like I said, I could be wrong, but it is something to chew on.

Trump is a master 4D chess player, I know he knows more than he lets on. There is almost certainly a bigger strategy at play. It may not be exactly what I described, but he has a few big cards yet to play. Perhaps Trump was and is the only one who can fix this.