BREAKING: Huge News!!! The DOJ has lifted the non disclosure agreement off key FBI informant!!!

FBI informant at the center of the Uranium One scandal is now clear of his NDA.

BREAKING — The department of Justice has lifted a Non Disclosure Agreement off the FBI informant at the center of the Uranium Once scandal. This comes just A DAY after congressional investigators said they would subpoena the whiteness if the DOJ did not lift the NDA.

This witness can now speak to congress or whom ever he wants.

Full story on Fox News.

You can see my post on this subject from yesterday here:

This story is now too big to contain. The mainstream media will soon have to report on it or be complicit in one of the largest cover-ups in US history. 4 minutes on CNN IS NOT going to cut it.

We also must turn the heat up on Sessions so a special prosecutor gets appointed.

I have done just that by penning a letter to Jeff Sessions.

Turn up the heat, we have them cornered.

This is an absolutely huge and important moment in the nations history. I encourage everyone to get this story into the public space.

The time for action is now. A special prosecutor must be appointed to investigate the Clintons, Robert Mueller’s conduct as FBI director, James Comey, Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder and other Obama Administration officials. As I told Jeff Sessions in my letter, do this job or resign so someone else can do it.

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