BREAKING! John Roberts, White House Source: “George Papadopoulos evidence was provided by the White House”

George Papadopoulos

REPORT - Fox News is reporting that a White House source has informed John Roberts (Fox News White House Correspondent) that the indictment against George Papadopoulos is based on emails provided to the special counsel by the White House / Trump campaign. This includes a series of emails where Papadopoulos urged the campaign to take a meeting with Russian government agents.

These request for a meeting were ignored by senior campaign officials. Papadopoulos was brought in to branch out relations to Greece, NOT Russia. His role in the campaign was minor and the evidence provided to the special counsel, again came directly from the White House. This shows the White House has been cooperating fully with the special counsel and has nothing to hide.

I expect this to develop into a major story. It shows that the campaign went out of their way to AVOID collusion with the Russians. It proves that Donald Trump and his campaign tried to play it by the book. It can put to bed a lot of the “collusion” conspiracy theories Democrats have been floating in the media for the past 72 hours.

See Between: 24:08 & 25:05

For more see Fox News.

Is the Russia probe ending soon?

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