BREAKING: Left wing thugs vandalizes Lincoln monument! LINE CROSSED!

Washington DC — The story is developing, but it appears that someone has vandalized the Lincoln memorial. This comes a day after a confederate statue was torn down in Durham North Carolina. Also same day black lives matter activist attempted to dig up the body of a Confederate general.

The defaced monument says “fuck law”.

Gee... I wonder what kind of person would write “fuck law” on a monument dedicated to a Republican? You would have to be incredibly naive not to suspect the far left or a cultural Marxist group as being the number one suspect. Especially given their assault and vandalism campaign in wake of the Charlottesville car attack.

The monument is currently being cleaned up, the vandels apparently used a gel based spray paint.

The base of the monument was also vandalized, with green paint.

Only goes to prove that the far left is crossing the line. As I wrote in my previous article today, the left does not have the moral high ground. It is important to emphasizes that the left will use the events in Charlottesville to justify their violence and destruction of private & public property. This is exactly what is happening and they are just getting started.

Now they are demanding a statue of Theodore Roosevelt the 26th President be take down, on frivolous charges of racism. Click here for the article.

We need to call for an end of the vandalism now! This is totally uncalled for, Lincoln freed the slaves for crying out loud.

This is about power and control, destroying the culture and the history of this great nation, so they can replace it with their Communist Marxism. The media in this country and the left in general is engaged in Bolshevik level sedition.

For more on this story check it out by clicking here.

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