Fake News Jurno calls proven Uranium One scandal a “conspiracy theory” to attack Trump despite facts & a senate investigation.

Fake News “Journalist” Chris Cillizza

If you read CNN.com like I do on occasion, not because I like CNN, but to stay up on their talking points, you likely have came across an article written by a man named Chris Cillizza.

Chris is CNN’s super Trump Hater, he is nothing more than a Anti-Trump Troll posing as a journalist. His articles are basically vanilla propaganda, it isn’t even dignified enough to be called yellow journalism, this guy would make the German stasi jealous with how outlandish his propaganda is.

His hatred for the President is second to none. In my opinion he has no business being presented as a journalist the way CNN presents him. They often run his stories as the lead on their web page, and if you don’t know who he is, you would likely not think to look up the author of the piece. In other words CNN presents articles by this half Witt, as real news. It is not, Chris probably accounts for 40% of all fake news put out by CNN. He is a professional propagandist.

Thursday Chris Cillizza published this story:

It is funny, before I started writing this article the title of this garbage was something to the effect of:

“Trump floats Russian conspiracy theory about Democrats”… I guess ol’ Chris editor made him change his title because it was even too misleading for CNN.

To suggest that the Uranium One scandal is a conspiracy theory is so off base, so misleading & ridiculous if CNN wasn’t a mainstream outlet, it wouldn’t even be worth mentioning.

However, part of what I do is expose the fake news, and fake news journalist like Chris Cillizza. Not only has CNN refused to report on the scandal, they are calling it a conspiracy theory, despite the fact this particular allegation is under a Senate Judiciary Committee investigation. It is also under an admitted FBI investigation. We know this because we hear it right out of the mouth of the Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

He said yesterday during an oversight committee hearing there is “an active investigation” when asked about this particular scandal. He has even said, some people have already went to jail over it.

The reason I want to highlight this, is this is exactly why we call CNN fake news. Because they go out of their way to be factually dishonest and duplicitous.

This story does not fit CNN’s Russia narrative, because it proves the people really in bed with the Russians & Putin was actually the Clintons & the Podesta Brothers.

Yet CNN runs cover for the Clintons as usual, ignores facts & goes out of their way to lie to people. Chris Cillizza is nothing more than a liar, he is not a journalist, he is not impartial, he is a paid shill and a terrible one at that. He gets enjoyment out of lying to people in the name of being part of “the resistance”.

If you want to hear some real news, not CNN fake news, in a nut shell this is what Chris Cillizza doesn’t want his readers to know:

It has been reported everywhere in the mainstream news, here are just a few articles:

These are not click bait sites, every source I just provided is well respected, impartial & mainstream news. CNN and Chris Cillizza have NO RIGHT to call the Uranium One scandal a “conspiracy theory”. Let alone, use it to attack the President when there are mountains of evidences, including official FBI documents to back these claims. If this was a “conspiracy theory” it wouldn’t be under a Senate Investigation right now.

I leave you with something you already know:

CNN is FAKE news.

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