How to deal with the misinformed.

One of my biggest pet peeves, is often what I see as the spreading of naive, incorrect & stupid mainstream media talking points into the social / political sphere.

The biggest offenders of spreading misinformation, are often left-leaning millennials who watch shows like the Daily Show, Stephen Colbert, John Oliver etc. It is not always people on the left or that are younger, they are just more susceptible to programming.

Try googleing “trevor noah trump” once…

I have two groups of friends on my social media. Those who I communicate with in my day to day life — friends, coworkers, family & those I share and exchange political ideas & thoughts with.

I keep these two groups separate because not everyone is willing to accept the fact they have been lied to by the media their entire life. The way I see it, when they are ready for the truth “the red pill”, they will seek or stumble upon it in due time.

Red Pill / Blue Pill — The Matrix

Therefore, when I see someone in the first group I mentioned, say something completely ridiculous, taken straight out of the mouth of Trevor Noah or Stephen Colbert, I ignore it.

It is hard to resist the temptation of roasting someone with facts, logic and a view they never considered. Some would say you should challenge everyone in the intellectual space, however, I disagree that person’s mind is made up, their thinking cannot be swayed for the time being.

We are dealing with a generation of people who have been taught, that the truth is racist, xenophobic, Islamophobic and every other, ist, bic and ism you can possibly imagine.

Safe Space

Therefore if I were to confront a friend, co-worker or family member & challenge their view, it would be seen as an aggression. I don’t want to deal with people I run into day to day with an aggressive attitude, I try to remain as positive and friendly as possible.

You have to remind yourself, there are people with much bigger microphones spreading misinformation than the handful of SJW friends you have. Therefore, to avoid animosity I simply say ignore them.

John Stewart & Stephen Colbert

So what about the normie friends, completely brainwashed by the mainstream media? These are the types who will follow you around on the things you comment that appear in their feed. They will challenge your information with mainstream media talking points.

At this point are they fair game? I would say so, however I still do not engage them. Eventually they will go away when they get the picture you are not interested in taking their challenge.

So that is my best advice. Have two groups of friends on social media, if you MUST talk about politics or anything controversial. Additionally if it isn’t important to you, you should honestly avoid political discourse all together.

Try to post in groups so your post don’t appear on all your other friends feeds. Ignore the normies, let them have their platform to virtue signal, just know what is bellow the surface they stand on.

Virtue Signaling

It may appear I am calling for every truth teller to create and participate in a social echo chamber. In a way I am, however as the founder of Gab Andrew Torba has mentioned, echo chambers are common among political groups.

Twitter is one big echo chamber, of mostly celebrity and leftist virtue signaling as if every day is the golden globes. The late night shows are echo chambers of those buying into the mainstream puritan SJW normie narrative.

Echo Chamber

See, it’s not about whether or not you are participating in an echo chamber, it’s about who has the biggest and loudest echo.

When you grow an echo chamber, and it reaches critical mass, you are effectively changing the cultural and information war. Human beings are tribal by nature, and will seek out these groups to suit what ever opinions they form through their life experience. This is how you win an information war. You have the most people with the correct ideas.

Hopefully this advice helps.