I agree with Drudge, dump Bannon. He is more effective on the outside.

Steve Bannon — Donald Trump — Matt Drudge

It has been floating around for awhile, that Matt Drudge wants Steve Bannon the self described “nationalist” out of the White House.

Drudge over the past month has been pushing anti-Bannon articles. Drudge was Trump’s most influential supporter, CNN had reported that Drudge has been in and out of the White House, so behind the scenes Matt Drudge is playing a bigger rule than is being let on.

Lately Drudge has been floating away from the President, running articles counter to a pro-Trump narrative. He even ran a red headline that said “Make American Hate Again”.

I do not so much see this as Drudge being anti-Trump. People (cough cough Gateway Pundit / Jim Hoft) just happen to forget that Drudge is an independent and he is beholden to no one. Drudge will run with the news of the day, regardless of who it creates negative press for. This is why the Drudge report has been so successful, because it isn’t a mouth piece.

Trump & Bannon

Back to Bannon. It is important to first understand, that I am not anti-Bannon or anti-Nationalisim. I just think that Bannon is not cut out for the public sector. Everyone I have talked to that knew Steve Bannon or worked with him, claims he is an incredibly hard working boss, very smart & tough.

However Steve’s go get ‘em headstrong attitude may not play well with people in government, especially those that are anti-nationalist. It seems that his personality is in conflict with other administration officials, namely HR McMaster & Jared Kushner.

Bannon is also a suspected leaker of anti-McMaster information. If this can be proved, it is unacceptable. No matter what the leakers agenda is, any and all leakers should not have access to pertinent information about day to day operations of the White House.

That being said, Breitbart has gone down hill massively since Steve Bannon left the private sector. We need to build a new robust alternative media for 2015 & 2020. Bannon is way more effective on the outside, running the counter media to the establishment than he is in government.

Therefore, I think it is time for Bannon to leave and start a new media company, this will be more effective than Bannon’s role as a senior White House strategist.