Leftist are out for blood, they should be out for seats.

Hollywood Losers

The left is out for a blood bath in the streets. Their fantasies of violent civil war, of crushing all of us “neo nazi alt right Republican” skulls into the curb is just as absurd as their economic & social policies.

We have had so many Hollywood types call for violence against the President, all the while, pumping their blood money into the Georgia 6th district trying to get an insurgent candidate elected.

Hollywood and the coastal left, is the enemy of the American people. The media is the enemy of the American people.

We are now seeing the calls for violence manifest into actual violence, just two weeks ago the GOP practice for the congressional baseball game was attacked by a loony left Bernie Sander’s supporter.

Did they denounce this? No they doubled down.

Here another radical leftist says they need to “hunt republicans”…

The icing on the cake, another high level Dem wishing Steve Scalise would die, after he was attacked by a radical leftist.

Here we have a “Huffing Pain Post” writer floating the idea attacks on Republicans need to be better planned and organized:

Here Wolf Blitzer seemingly condones the attack on Steve Scalise:

A week ago, a pro-Trump supporter was attacked for his political beliefs, he was stabbed nine times.


And how does the left react, here is Seth Rogan’s comments:

Their minions online, the protesters on the street, the so called “journalist”, are the truly brainwashed & blind. They keep getting more and more violent, and the media is pushing them to the brink of mass shooter territory as we seen with James Hodgkinson, as man who got his Intel on where and when to attack from a New York Times article.

The problem here is the left is putting all their energy into being violent & negative. They should be putting their energy into winning elections where they live, not making violent threats. Districts like the ones held by Maxine Waters where they could win, but will likely from Maxine’s idiotic rhetoric lose to Omar Navarro.

Making violent threats and calling for civil war, doubling down on far left policies, does the exact opposite of that, it loses seats & will continue to lose seats.