Mexico doesn’t know it yet, but they already have paid for the wall.

According to [report] and other research conducted on illegal immigration it is estimated that illegal immigrants cost U.S. tax payers roughly $113 billion dollars.

We know that Trump’s border wall is estimated to cost about $67 Billion dollars, as reported in March.

So lets keep those two numbers in mind for now. Let me direct your attention to another fact. Since taking office, President Trump’s administration, with the help of the DHS secretary John Kelley, have lowered illegal immigration down to a whopping 64%! As Fox News reports.

So let’s assume 64% of all illegal immigrants are no longer here, or have been stopped from crossing the border, that is a savings of 72.32 BILLION a year! (the wall cost $67 Billion). This means by simply enforcing the law, the wall has been paid for and then some. Mexico is now footing the bill for their people who broke the laws of the United States. What a concept! Mexico taking care of their own people, by MEXICAN tax payers NOT U.S. tax payers.

Mexico doesn’t know it yet, but they have already paid for the border wall, in fact they are over paying. To add further wall optimism construction preparation has already started, as the feds are getting the land ready for construction[Texas Observer Article]. Also to make the wall more cost efficient, President Trump suggested putting solar panels on the wall. [business insider]

For you naysayers who do not think the wall will happen (cough cough Ann Coulter), the House Appropriations Committee just recently passed a bill which allocated 1.6 billion for the border wall, as the hill reported last week.

Trump wasn’t kidding when he said he was going to build a wall & Mexico will pay for it! And he did it by simply just enforcing the law. Thanks Mexico!