REPORT: Trump personally ordered the DOJ to release the “Uranium One” FBI informant from NDA.

Trump orders Jeff Sessions to lift “Uranium One” scandal Informant from non disclosure agreement.

News is coming out today that the Justice Department’s decision to release the key witness to the “Uranium One” scandal, was directly ordered by President Trump.

Trump is likely very closely following this story, not only does he have access to the nations top intelligence, he is a regular follower of Sean Hannity who has been leading the charge along with John Solomon & Victoria Toensing.

The Gateway Pundit reports that Fox New’s reporter John Roberts learned from a White House source that Trump personally lifted the informant’s gag order. This of course paves the way for the informant to testify in front of congressional investigative committee(s). Full Story Here.

Remember how the leftist filled up bars only to be let down by James Comey’s public testimony? Life comes out you fast bro!

Could you imagine if this FBI informant who knows of all the Clinton’c crimes is allowed to testify in public?

Love this meme!

This proves that Trump isn’t some puppet of the CIA or Deep State. He is willing to take on and challenge his own justice department. He has a powerful ally in Senator Chuck Grassley.

Senator Grassley been making some of the loudest calls for investigations into the Uranium One story.

Grassley has even called for Jeff Sessions to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate.

We know there are as many as 2 congressional investigations into Uranium One and 1 FBI investigation. As I reported last week Story Here.

Senator Grassley is the chair on the Senate Judiciary Committee who preforms oversight on the Justice Department. For once we have a few Senators willing to do their jobs and preform real oversight. This group of Senators in the Judiciary Committee seem to be our best shot at getting a real investigation into the Clinton foundation and the Justice Department’s outrageous behavior under Obama.

Go get ‘em Chuck
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