South Korea Accidentally Unveils US “Black Out Bomb” Super Weapon

This week South Korea announced they were going to be developing a “black out bomb”. A weapon so mighty it could take out Pyongyang without firing a single shot. Sorce: News Week Article

There is no doubt this weapon is already in their arsenal, provided to them by the United States Navy. It is typically the Navy who is charged with maintaining the US experimental arsenal of “super weapons”. Just as they have 6, 7th & even 8th generation fighter jets, they have generations of weapons & missiles.

Such weapons are highly classified, they are in a class of weaponry known as REML (Radio, Electric, Magnetic & Laser) again the existence of this REML weaponry is highly classified to keep a leg up on Russians and Chinese competitors.

Frankly I am surprised South Korea was allowed to acknowledge they were working on / have this capability. Perhaps the South Korean’s got permission from the United States to suggest they could target the North’s electrical grid in some sort of back-handed diplomatic effort.

Korea DMZ

So what is a black out bomb? Traditionally a crude method of a black out bomb would be an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) weapon. This is basically when you detonate a nuclear weapon above a given cities ionosphere. This causes radio waves to deflect, which in turn fries electronic devices. Which of course this day and age is virtually everything. The effects of a EMP attack would be devastating on a modern city.

A nuclear EMP bomb is not what the South has or would use. Nuclear weapons used on a civilian populace is outlawed by the Geneva convention. These weapons are far more advanced than more crude EMP weapons. The specifics on how these weapons work are not known to many people, given their classified nature. However just imagine a high altitude aircraft equipped with a giant pulse weapon. Where this pulse weapon can cast a range of deflective waves around it, to cause a similar effect that a nuclear EMP would, by disrupting and deflecting radio waves back at it’s origin. You get the same devastating effect minus the nuclear fallout.

Concept of High Altitude Aircraft

It would be unlikely this weapon would be used on North Korea. The fact that they were even able to acknowledge black out bombs is kind of astonishing. I think for the South to make such a threat was more posturing than an actual direct threat. Perhaps this was the South / United States way of saying to the North it could fry every electronic device in the country and they wouldn’t even know what happened.

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