The far left thinks Charlottesville attack gives them the moral high ground. Wrong!

The left is on the highest of horses right now, spamming the internet with anti-Trump propaganda, calling anyone to the right of Jane Fonda literally Hitler. This is nothing new, after the shooting of Trayvon Martin / Micheal Brown they did the same thing. Their antics of cultural Marxism was the beginning of society turning against the Social Justice Warrior culture they started to inject into American culture.

Black Lives Matter supporters do a “die in”

The leftist SJW mob is doing the “Alt-Right” and White Nationalist a tremendous favor by acting out, as they will soon become the story. So as long they continue to be violent and destroy public property.

I have long told other people in the “new right movement”, do not fight the left in the streets, instead give them space, because this is where they create the most damage for themselves.

AntiFa Flag Burning

You see when the left gathers in angry mobs, they throw stuff at police, attack by-standards, burn things down, chant idiotic rhetoric like “America was never great” and just generally act like them terrible selves: they create the same narrative that got Donald Trump elected in the first place.

AntiFa attacking a police officer.

When people on the right go out in the streets with baseball helmets and poles intending to fight them, they nullify this double negative. Therefore the best possible move if you are on the right, is to let the left be the left & they will destroy themselves.

This is cliche but, if you have to give them enough rope, they will almost certainly hang themselves.

You see, when you give the lefties a little taste of what it feels like to be an actual victim, they take it and run with it off a cliff.

We are already seeing the manifestation of the leftist mob go from holding rallies in “solidarity” (aka bash Trump wood stock) to out right angry mobs taking their grievances out on inanimate objects as seen here.

Note this chant: “No KKK no fascist USA” has been around since inauguration day, it is usually followed by flag burning.

Update — going back to what I was saying, they are going to discredit themselves. As this article explains that BLM supporters dug up the body of an early KKK supporter. Where is the line for these people?

Their target for now, are confederate statues, just like their ISIS counter parts they want to destroy the history so they can re-write it.

They will continue to amplify this attack in Charlottesville and use it to justify their violent, unlawful activities.

It comes down to this, the far left has a mob mentality, and what little momentum they gained from the car attack in Charlottesville they will lose, all on their own accord simply by thinking they have the moral high ground to justify their actions. They do NOT have the moral high ground and they are already proving it.

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