Dear Wil Wheaton: Make Peace Not War, Progressives Are Not Your Enemy
Trent Lapinski

Trent, I’ve only just discovered your writings in the wake of the election and I want to say that I appreciate your insight. I was one of the Independants who went third party due to my displeasure with both candidates and was told that I didn’t care who was President and that I was throwing my vote away. People who I had been friends with for years suddenly saw me as something other than their friend just because I didn’t agree with their personal political beliefs. I’m usually of the opinion that the only thing dumber than politics is arguing about politics, so I often took a “smile and nod” approach while they tried to educate me on how irresponsible I was. I was never so sad to see myself proven right on November 8th, and the verbal barrage I was subjected to for merely suggesting that the results were neither surprising nor world-ending was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Hopefully in the future we can look back on these days with cooler, more rational heads and realize how awful we were to each other and do better next time.

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