Please Consider This

Dear People of the Universe,

Please consider this:

Gather everything,
You have,
Wished for,
Worked for,
Load it all.
Load your ball,
Crank up,
Your catapult.

To experience,
The ride of your life,
Include yourself,
Sign your manifest,
Board your ball.

Guarantee: You will survive the journey unscathed.
Will you board your ball?

Please consider this:

There are no guarantees.
Will you board your ball?

I consider this:

Getting busy, working,
Collecting every thing,
Every one thing being,
Nurturing the growing,
Caring for the dying,
Forever building,
An eternal creation,
Increasingly inclusive,
An artwork of acceptance,
An ever expanding sphere,
Of beauty,
Of everybody,
Of ugliness,
Of forgiveness.

This artwork of our variance,
Is calling for efforts shared.
All efforts are required.
It’s weeping for existence.

Are you present?
Ready for growth?
Got spare courage?
Do you frighten?
Are you frightened?
All is normal,
Trash your normal.
All is promising,
It won’t be boring.
Willing to present?

Backbones needed,
However latent,
To keep breaking,
New fertile ground,
Old imbecilic molds.

Feeling yellow?
Here’s a pillow.
Feeling weak?
Go to sleep.
Ready to wake up?
Ready to stand up?

Please consider this:

Joining me,
In gathering,
In including,
In accepting,
In shaping,
For all.

I consider this:

Would I get into my ball?
I could not.
For I possess,
No such ball.

After all,
The ball is all,

Of ours.

Thank you in advance,
For your kind consideration,
Of this matter,
It’s all that matters,

To me.

Responsibly yours,