London Poverty Museum

We get what we want or what we don’t refuse.

[ Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize ]

We are building the homeless museum. The museum does not have the role of a traditional museum that is to collect items. Our museum will collect performances.

It will be a place where anyone with an idea can work towards the making of a dream. Often it is thought that giving the homeless a place to sleep and eat — thus assuring him/her of the basic human functions — will solve the problem of homelessness; what is forgotten is that man is a creative being and the lack of a place in which to perform creatively prevents him to think — our most important duty. We are forgetting that life is not about survival, life is what we create around us, the kind of life that we don’t refuse to have. Life has to be invented and used in original ways as only by doing so WE and the homeless can move from a condition of lack to one of extreme possession. WE are the masters of that creative emancipation that will allow us to free ourselves from the clutches of consumerism letting us be content with what we have.

WE are about to build London Poverty Museum!

Our first exhibition [5.06.2016] and second exhibition [19.06.2016] aimed to share the project with the public in order to crowdfunding the cleaning and renovation of an unused building in London. This is our first step towards the making of a larger project that will grow with the constant help of new contributors and imaginative ideas. The unused building will provide an exhibition space for the homeless and also workshops to experiment and create in loco, always sharing knowledge and technique with others.

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First Exhibition at Capital Carboot, Pimlico [5.06.2016]:

Second Exhibition at Capital Carboot, Pimlico [19.06.2016]: