How messengers are killing telephone calls

Do you remember that time when everybody phoned to each other by landline telephone, cause calls from mobile were too expensive?

Now such a mobile calls are probably free, but everything in this world is relative. The call itself costs nothing, but what about your personal time you spend on it?

I think you should agree that too often your call to a business partner goes not that way it supposed to be. Next thing you know, you’re talking about last weekends or basketball playoffs.

80% of the people introduced to me by an e-mail want to “jump on a phone call”. I never do phone calls. It’s obsolete and intrusive.
Pavel Durov. Founder, CEO at @telegram

The message itself is fairly compact, if look at it, as a form of communication with clients and partners. It takes much less time to message somebody than to call. And as for me, it’s a little win over the time.

For most of us time — is the most valuable resource, which we have to use as effective, as possible. So if the have a possibility to save few minutes a day, hours a week and days in few months abandoning calls, — we’ve to do it.

Let’s visualize a typical call at e-store through the message and near to it we’ll put a screen of how it would take place if it was a simple message:

I think there is no need to explain. It’s so clear.

Know your clients look like

It’s so important not only hear your clients but see them, know how they spend their weekends, what news prefer and what are they dream about. Nowadays all this information is free and you can get it through social networks.

Thanks for our service we make life easier not only for business but also for its clients.

You can create an online business card and show only that messengers — you want to communicate with your audience. Just take a look at my profile by the next link:

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