I’m surprised you didn’t like John William's score, I thought it was one of the best of 2015
Marc Madrigal

I liked the individual themes and melodies, to be sure, I just thought each song and musical scene was missing a certain complexity and straightforward brashness that I feel is what makes the previous films’ scores so exciting. There was a distinct lack of big bass drum and timpani, as well as a lack of variety in each musical scene. It felt less like the score had movements, and more like Williams was just moving from leitmotif to leitmotif. Again, I think that this might have been entirely intentional, but “The March of the Resistance” still doesn’t hold a candle to “The Battle of Yavin.” There was no bravery, no artistic growth or effort. I hope this isn’t all Williams has left to offer. I agree that it was one of the best scores of 2015, but Williams can deliver that in his sleep. I want more. I want genius.

There I go again expecting too much.

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