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Choosing the most appropriate jurisdiction to undertake a token sale and set-up a blockchain based business, particularly one that is related to online gambling is challenging for several reasons. This post describes the decision-making process that the EdgeFund team used in order to choose the optimum location for their business entity and operations.

Although token sale regulation continues to evolve and many jurisdictions have issued their respective guidelines and crypto regulation, they are still inconsistently regulated across the world. …

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In order to attract investors, blockchain ventures devise new and interesting ways to garner interest in their concept. The majority of blockchain projects choose a bonus structure or a combination of bonus schemes, depending on the sales phase i.e. private sale, pre-sale, and main sale, to encourage investment in the project, with the funds generated usually directed towards various business expenses for the development of their platform.

Following on from Token Sales — Where the Funds are Going Medium post, where 18 established and some up and coming tokn sales were assessed to determine % token…

When money realizes that it’s in good hands, it wants to stay and multiply in those hands.” — Idowu Koyenikan

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The Ethereum Foundation rocked the blockchain world when they launched their pre-sale in July 2014, selling a claim for future utility tokens. Their token sale raised approximately US$18,400,000 equivalent over the 42-day sale, although the tokens would go on to be worth over 1,000 times the pre-sale price. This remarkable success has spurred on hundreds of blockchain projects to raise funds by selling tokens.

Investors are of course interested to know how these funds will be…

The more digging into the complex world of gambling regulation, the more there is to know and the more confusing it all becomes. With the addition of blockchain technology, Bitcoin based casinos, and the potential for many more blockchain based gambling platforms, it would seem prudent to get up to speed with the legalities of not just gambling on the blockchain, but of online gambling in general.

Blockchain is a distributed database or ledger spread over a network of electronic devices where records of cryptocurrency transactions are kept, away from revision or from tampering.

There are certain regions in the…

Gambling has taken place, in some form or other, for hundreds if not thousands of years, and is inextricably linked to the history of humanity.

From ancient China where indications of rudimentary games of chance were discovered on tiles, to Egypt where the oldest known dice were excavated, to scenes on Greek and Roman pottery which indicate that betting on animal fights was common and animals would be bred for that sole purpose, humans love to gamble and do so at every opportunity.

Around 200 BC ‘white pigeon ticket’ was played in gambling houses of China with the permission of…

Obtaining a casino/gambling license is an important step when entering the world of online casinos; a license avoids any problems with the law and gains the confidence of your players.

There are certain regions in the world that have specific legislation in place that allows them to license and regulate companies that operate online gambling sites or provide industry services, such as the supply of gaming software. These regions are referred to as online gambling jurisdictions or licensing jurisdictions. Within these jurisdictions, there’s usually an organization that’s responsible for issuing licenses and regulating the licensees. …

The worldwide gambling market is prosperous and the outlook positive due to a number of factors, including an easing of government regulations in some countries, the potential to generate tax revenue and contribute to national economies, and the wider reach of online gambling. Global revenue from gambling is expected to hit $635 billion by 2022, according to new findings out of Dublin, Ireland from Research and Markets. This represents about 5.7% growth p.a.

While land-based casino gaming dominates the global gaming market, online gaming is becoming increasingly popular because of the convenience and privacy offered to players and vendors. With…

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