Anyone ever heard of him?

Hark back to 1991. The city was Tokyo, the event was the men’s World Championships 100 metre final. It was one of the greatest 100m races in history. Only one 10th of a second divided the top 6 places. The top 6 all ran under 10 seconds and all broke their national records.

The winner was Carl Lewis, whom I’m sure most of us have heard of. The winners are etched in history; name on the trophy… gold medal round the neck.

We all know you can’t win every time. It’s the people who take…

Slowing down doesn’t make us any less efficient. We become more aware of our objectives. we become more focused and aligned, and we reach our end goal quicker.

I watched a documentary on Netflix recently which both engaged and inspired me. It was called ‘Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview’. The interview was filmed in 1995. It was a difficult period for Jobs having been forced out of Apple 10 years previously. He talked frankly about his relationship with then Apple CEO John Sculley and how his vision for the company had been destroyed. He saw no way back for Apple…

“Focus on what you do best and work alongside others who are great in their field”

A new year brings refreshed approaches, re-energised minds and a new burst of motivation. It encourages an additional positivity in the workplace and, for me an excitement and fresh opportunities to meet others in our industry, work with them and learn from them. At Ethos, we try to surround ourselves with like-minded people who want to deliver the best work and collaborate with others in doing so. In the digital world, bringing complementary skills together to produce great work is essential.

Think about what can go into a single digital campaign project:

  • Consultation
  • Strategy
  • Planning
  • Research
  • UX
  • Creative Direction
  • Design

Ok, admit it, how many of you upon waking, reach to your bed side cabinet, grab your phone and then deliberate whether it’s too early or not to check your Facebook or Twitter before invariably logging on?

I admit, I do it all too frequently, I then tell myself off, mentally, so as not to wake the rest of the house.

At Ethos we use Social Media for business promotion and to create awareness of subjects we feel are important in our work. We are careful not to bombard our followers with useless messages that annoy and aggravate. We carefully…

“Have you ever met someone and instantly related to them?
Felt like you’ve known them for years?”

A colleague said to me the other day “Ross, when I read your blog posts they seem very cathartic”... well I think that’s spot on. I think its a very important aspect of writing. As well as just putting your thoughts on paper, it’s therapeutic and gives others the opportunity to understand how certain things have helped to shape your approach to life and work.

This post will only take you 5 minutes to read, but I am going to share some information…

“People buy off people first, so I need to be myself”

I was reading an article the other day on the BBC website. It was about North Korean students who are now required to get the same hair-cut as their leader Kim Jong-un. If this is true, not only is it ludicrous because of the flamboyant centre parted curtains paired with neatly high shaven sides, but also because of the lack of identity it imposes on the North Korean people.

Closer to home, I undertake the school run every day with my 3 and a half year old and regularly…

I wouldn’t say I’m a control freak (others may) but I have, in the past, found it very difficult to let go, delegate properly, and allow others to truly take control of situations, tasks or projects. I know that it is best for the business but it’s just built into my persona. I am a competitive soul with a live by the sword, die by the sword attitude… albeit in a more sensitive manner. I’m also used to looking after myself. When Ethos first started we were a very small team. I didn’t need to consult with others: I managed…

Ross Hutchins

Founder of @our_ethos and the New Business Man

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