About ME

My name is Ronni, I got to Sutton High School. I live on a worker farm along with my mom, dad, brother, sister, brother in-law, nephew, and my boyfriend. I work at an animal clinic and would like to move onto college in that field. In my free time I usually clean, organize, cook, play with my nephew and spend as much time with my boyfriend as possible. I’m not the biggest fan of school so i can’t wait to graduate this year! I’m nervous to start signing up for college tours, and putting in application, seeing as it’s actually time for me to do these things. I’m also very excited though to move on in my life, and do what I love to do everyday. I really love cars, oldies, imports, classics, anything modified pretty much! My dream car would be a an 86' candy apple red Chevelle. Currently I have a 2003 Volkswagen Passat ,with an exhaust issue, a missing bumper (from a black ice accident), doesn’t like to start with a temperature lower than 31 degrees, and only one O2 censor (I need 2)… I’m currently saving up as much as I can for a new car by winter.

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