What Do Essential Oils Do For Your Skin?

Jaxson Ross
Nov 21 · 3 min read
Essential Oils Skin Care
Essential Oils Skin Care

The advancements of skin care are proving more and more that natural botanical ingredients and organically derived products give better results than harsh chemically manufactured products.

Not only are organic and natural products kinder to your skin but your skin absorbs whatever you put on it and it is important to make sure that what your body is absorbing is not damaging or filled with chemicals.

What do essential oils do for your skin? There are many reasons to choose essential oils for your skincare routine and lots of benefits for choosing a more natural approach to keeping your skin fresh and healthy.

Essential oils are naturally derived oils that maintain the integrity of their original source and have a natural scent that is both beneficial and pleasant for the user. Essential oils can be used to treat many symptoms and are great for transforming your skin from dry and dull to fresh and vibrant.

illuminate Skin Therapies has carefully formulated an entire skin and body care line using organic, earth-derived ingredients. The transformation ability of Illuminate Skin Therapies lies in the power of plant-based fatty acids; specifically, in their ability to nourish, revitalize and ultimately balance the complex nature of each individual complexion.

Enhanced by the potency of sophisticated therapeutic essential oil blends, Illuminate Skin Therapies natural skin care and body care is alive with the healing properties of the nature.

Not only are we committed to quality, we’re also conscious in the formulation of our organic skin care line, using only certified plant botanicals, carrier and essential oils to create our small, concentrated batches, eliminating the need for harsh preservatives and fillers. The ebony glass used to package our precious blends are non toxic, UV-proof, reusable, recyclable, eco-friendly.

Essential oils vary in potency and how they affect your skin. When using essential oils it is important to first make sure that they are safe for your skin and that the balance is correct for what you are looking for in your oil.

Whether you are looking to add moisture, refresh, balance or blend with your oils, making sure that it is right for your skin is important. You may find that you have a reaction to any oils that are not diluted enough or perhaps a specific oil may cause your skin to react in a negative way.

It is important to get the right advice when choosing essential oils and looking for essential oils to add to your skin care regimen. At Illuminate Skin Therapies, we can help you find the right oils for your exact needs and make sure that you find the perfect balance when adding essential oils to your skin care program.

Essential oils whether applied to the skin with a roll on or with massage, are a way to include natural remedies in your health care routine and help reduce symptoms and help you achieve relief and wellness in a gentle and natural way.

Essential oils are created from plants. Most of the oils come from roots, leaves and bark, and allow the oil to stay potent and healthy. Essential oils are a great supplement to your health and well being because they are so natural and clean so using essential oils on your skin is a great option if you are looking for a greener skin care routine.

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years for both healing and general well being. Each oil has a specific use and power that can help with a different ailment or symptom. There are many to chose from and you can also create blends to achieve a specific desired result.

It is important to understand the effects and results desired when choosing different oils and knowing where and how to apply them to achieve the desired results.

Some oils can be very potent so it is important to make sure that essential oils are diluted with a carrier oil as applying essential oils directly to the skin in a neat form can cause irritation and, in some cases, even burning. So, make sure you know what types of oils to use, and have the necessary dilution or blends to make sure that your body can absorb and accept the oils in the correct form.

Contact Illuminate skin therapies to learn what essential oils can do for you and your skin.

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