Play History #3: The Faculty of Horror

Continuing the series in which we celebrate podcasts that are great, and not Serial, because I have a job where I listen to oh so many of them.

Today’s installment fell out of the podcast ether like a nightmare that I kept dreaming about (I think I found it by typing the word “horror” into the PodCruncher search). The Faculty of Horror — a show that is not just about horror movies, but obsessed with horror movies. Never before have I heard such nitpicking over the matriarchal implications of Robin Hardy’s The Wicker Man, or the unresolved murder mystery hidden within The Exorcist, or the misunderstood moral landscape of Hellraiser, or deciphering the linguistic chaos of Pontypool (also you’ll learn what the movie Pontypool is). Our tenured hosts Andrea Subissati and Alexandra West dive face first into a shitstorm of analytical carnage, with insults and insights sprayed everywhere.

As with all my favorite podcasts, the material itself gradually takes a backseat to the personalities of the hosts, and we’re left with a one-sided sort of friendship. I just like hearing these two drop some knowledge on my favorite movies. May they puzzle over every single worthy horror film.

Check ’em out:

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