#285. Introducing Saturday Stories!

Lately I’ve been spending more time writing fiction. This has cross into my time writing for Medium. Instead of choosing one or the other(a decision I would probably regardless of which one I choose), I’ve come up with a solution. I’m introducing a new series on DailyCupofJo; it’s simply called Saturday Stories.

Every Saturday, starting this Saturday will either be a preview of a short story or flash fiction, although this is subject to change. Most of the stories are previews to gauge the popularity of the story. If one is received particularly well, I might focus on bringing more of that story each week.

Saturday Stories allows me to be more creative with my fiction writing without committing to just one story. Most of them will be stories that I’ve thought of on the fly, something that might work very well or might fail miserably.

You can think of this series as a tester(at least for now) to see which ideas are worth pursuit.

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