#400. In my world, the paranoid triumph

Charles Darwin posited that only the strong survived. I posit that the paranoid, not the strong, truly triumph.

Darwin’s works stemmed from an understanding of the animal kingdom. Although I am young, I have observed a lot about human activity and behavior. It seems clear to me that paranoid people accomplish their goals.

Paranoia has a way of keeping its victims uncomfortable. Their suspicion and fear lead them to work harder than anyone else to accomplish their goals. This is the reason why people tend to perform at their best with their backs against the wall. When your back is against the wall, you can’t be comfortable. Because when your back is against the wall, you are vulnerable.

Vulnerability and comfortability repel each other, just as oil repels water.

No matter how large their paycheck, how secure their benefits are, someone that is paranoid will never stop hustling. A paranoid man is always competing with his own paranoia. A paranoid man never stops running, like a hamster on its wheel, trying to get away from his paranoia at all costs.

A paranoid man is never complacent.

Don’t be complacent.

Don’t ever get comfortable.

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