People judge. Not necessarily in a devilishly chaotic way. Whether it’s during a karate tournament, or being a new kid on the block. There’s some form of judging going on.

Being in a Karate tournament is hard, because it involves performing optimally to win. Being a new kid is hard. Arguably harder since it’s making a dent in an entire new community.

It took me until my 30's to really appreciate and understand movement. I love people. Whether they’re my best friends, or those who I lose a connection with. I used the examples above because they’re most relevant to my life.

Being in a room full of 500 people all making their own bodies move through exercise, choreography, and sweat is awesome. In my opinion, the STRONGEST tightly knit community there is. There’s no outside force controlling movement. Mentally and physically.

Moving to Dallas four years ago was tough. The first months and even year or two was learning a new community from scratch. Completely dealing with a higher form of skepticism that I was used to. Saying hi, and being assertive wasn’t catching on at first. Why does everyone seem to absurdly have their guard up so high? Mine’s not up, and I’m the new guy!

That’s when I realized movement was the bigger picture. Not how sappy or humble I said the word “Hi!!!!!!!!”. But the passion for movement behind it. Being a new guy, people can tell. There’s no groove.

Not everyone will let their guard down, but never wait for it to happen. Just keep moving.

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