Today may very well be my last day as an Uber driver.
Rafael Gomez

As an avid Uber and Lyft customer, it does seem like every driver has a similar story. They typically started driving within the last few months. I’ve never meet a ridesharing driver who’s been at it longer than a year. I often get a vibe that rideshare driving isn’t quite what they thought it would be. There’s a tone of disappointment and/or frustration. I’ve also heard complaints about the rating system and the damage a vindictive, intentionally low rating from some dissatisfied late-night drunk rider has on the driver.

I’ve also noticed in LA it’s now surge pricing almost 24/7. Even at 2:30PM on a weekday. There really is a shortage of drivers and perhaps that’s due to driver attrition. I’m really surprised to hear how low the pay is though, I figured with the surge pricing, drivers would be doing better.

Thanks for sharing.

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