The Past and Future of Product Management
Matt LeMay

Matt, thanks for contributing this, it was a very informative read for me. I just moved into a PM role at my company (OrderUp) after spending the first year and a half plus in an a hybridoperations/comms role. I am non-technical, so you imagine some of the obstacles I’ve perceived to face in this role. Your summary of how you felt about the roadmap and owning the product immediately really resonated with me. I agree that the mental framework isnt the best when approaching this job.

I also agree that PM’s need not be “visionary”, but I do think that PM’s should be responsible for owning and bringing “a” product vision to life (“a” product vision being something that helps achieve the company’s vision).

I noticed you didnt touch a whole lot on leadership here. I would imagine the need for PM leadership varies depending on the size of the company, but for smaller ones like ourselves, I think it’s imperative to lead as a PM.

Thanks again for the write-up — tremendously helpful!

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