The Facts about the Nevada Democratic State Convention on Saturday
NV Dems

This is a convenient and misleading gloss over of what transpired. Most of the meeting was anything but transparent, as is this flawed, misleading release. I was there.

  1. Please explain why Roberta Lange by individual decree, adopted the Temporary Rules as the Permanent Rules prior to 10:00am, while numerous people were still attempting to find parking in the Paris Hotel garage ? It took me 1:15 minutes to find a parking place in that garage. Many were stranded inside the garage. Why didn’t she wait until they were in the room ? Why did she ask for a voice vote, in which the Bernie camp clearly was louder, and longer ? ( See video of this below in item #3). Please don’t lie about what happened. Roberta Lange called for a voice vote, then completely ignored it. How did the “body” pass the rules ? It was done by Roberta Lange by decree. She adopted the Temporary rules stating this, “The ruling by the chair (Roberta Lange) is not debatable. It cannot be challenged, and I (Roberta Lange) move that — I announce that the rules have passed by the body.”
    -Roberta Lange
  2. In the spirit of transparency and fairness, please explain the mechanism by which, and the reason why the County Caucus results were not included in the process, but completely dismissed ? Please explain the purpose of County Conventions if the results were completely ignored and brushed under the rug, as you have done above.
  3. The individual who was finally allowed to give the report you term “so-called minority report,” was Leslie Sexton. Is she not a member of the Credentials Committee ? In the spirit of transparency, please indicate what language you identified in her report as incendiary, misleading and inaccurate ? That would be in keeping with the spirit of transparency and open communication you claim to have adhered to. What I witnessed was your refusal to allow Leslie Sexton to speak and be heard as the cause of any chaos. Please cite the acts of violence you allege above. I didn’t witness any violence. I did witness people who were very upset because their voices had been buried all day long. This sequence of the meeting was also video recorded and can be found on Adryenn Ashley’s FB page. Here page also has a copy of the actual Minority Report in question.
  4. You were not forced to close the meeting. The head of security meet with two male democratic convention officials, both seen in the first minute of this video ( ). One with glasses walking behind Roberta Lange at the 40 second mark, and the other at the 48 to 58 second mark, whispering to, Roberta Lange. They met at the foot of the stairs leading to the stage to discuss how to proceed, close to 10pm. He shared with them the following. 1. He informed them that his security personal would be leaving immediately because many had been working 17 hours. Understandable. 2. Or, he could allow the meeting to continue if they agreed to have Metro Police secure the meeting space for the meeting to continue. THEY decided to not continue and very briefly discussed the repercussions of doing so. I was within three feet of this “meeting” and heard it all personally. At that point I heard democratic convention official not wearing glasses shout, “Let’s just do it. Let’s just DO IT !,” with regard to shutting the meeting down. These two subsequently took off in search of Roberta Lange to adjourn the meeting and small army of Metro Police showed up to secure the stage. Clearly there was plenty of police presence to secure the premises to continue the meeting because that is exactly what Metro Police did within minutes. Numerous photos of this are in circulation on the internet, as well as video showing the manner in which Roberta Lange adjourned the meeting.
  5. As a manifestation of the honor and integrity you claim of, and for Roberta Lange, please address these points of obfuscation that clouded the proceedings of the State Convention.
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