“Who did that?” The LGBT warrior fighting The Obstacle Course of adversity

TBWA Paris has created an outstanding ad for Inter-LGBT. Beautifully arresting the honest and painful journey of acceptance. While reinforcing the need for understanding as an LGBT-individual and equality within wider society.

The ad titled ‘The Obstacle Course’ shows in first-person a never-ending brutal fight for survival. Anyone who has faced bullying, marginalisation or torment throughout their life will find identification. Whether it be with pained cold expressions, misunderstood glances and knowing whispers pictured.

The opening line “Who did that?” promptly acknowledges that persistent question posed over an individual’s identity of ‘Who am I?’. Meanwhile, the torturous pursuit that ensues addresses the inner personal battle of discovery and the overwhelmingly desperate need for understanding from tormentors.

The spot illustrates distressingly common scenarios where the warriors sexual identity is in question. Including the awkward teenage parties, the emotional grief of a mother and father and the merciless anti-LGBT protestors.

There’s certainly no glamour in this hostile 2-minute pursuit. As the emotional and arduous ordeal concludes there’s the relief to see a reinforcing glimmer of the determination and aspiration of the LGBT community reveal itself; “Until society progresses, we will keep moving forward”.

The ad shows the inner strength of LGBT individuals. Hope shines through amongst the relentless struggle for approval pictured. Friends reaching out to help you, snatching the briefcase of a career, and swinging high above adversity. Always with the focus on the next character-defining and life-shaping challenge.