5 Things To Consider When Building In Perth

You may hanker after a traditional Swiss wooden chalet or a New York brownstone, but if you’re building a new home in Perth, you should really design it in such a way that it makes the most of the West Australian climate and lifestyle.

But even though Perth can have some fairly extreme weather, there’s no reason to compromise on style. On the contrary. Perth’s natural beauty and abundant sunshine opens up so many doors (literally and figuratively) for house designs that embrace seamless integration between indoor and outdoor living — and which cleverly and beautifully marry form with function.

So, if you’re considering building a new home in Perth, here are some top tips for you to consider.

  1. Location 
    It’s that age-old real estate mantra again — only this time it’s about the neighbourhood as well as the actual block. Location is everything — and once you’ve identified the area that suits your lifestyle (factors to be considered could include proximity to schools, shops or sporting facilities, distance to the CBD or your workplace, ease of access to public transport or highways, resale value and so on), you need to consider the actual block of land. 
    What direction does it face? A northern orientation can be a huge asset, particularly given Perth’s abundant sunshine and light. What size frontage does it have? Does the size and shape limit your design options? For example, narrow lots, rear-blocks, odd-shaped pieces of land or very steep blocks can pose some challenges and it’s worth talking to experienced home builders in Perth before committing to any purchase offer to see what your options are.
  2. How will the home be used?
    This may seem like a silly question to ask — but many people make the mistake of building a new home that only caters for their current needs. Families grow up, toddlers become teenagers and everyone’s needs change, and as property is generally a long-term investment, it’s important to plan for the future when designing a home.
  3. Materials 
    It is important to choose building materials that are suitable for the Perth climate. Materials that can withstand the corrosive sea air and the searing west sun will save you lots of time and money in the long run.
  4. Sustainability 
    Increasingly, new homes in Perth are being built with a focus on energy efficiency. More and more people want homes that reduce their carbon footprint and reduce their dependency on expensive energy — and they’re designing houses with environmentally intelligent features such as using natural heating and cooling, renewable energy, recycled materials, rainwater/grey water collection and so on.
  5. Budget properly 
    A home is generally the single largest asset that anyone owns — and proper planning and budgeting during the building process is essential. Make sure you understand all the financial implications and the terms of the contract and be aware that there are often hidden and unexpected costs which need to be factored into the budget as well.

These are just a couple of the points that should be taken into account when building a new home.There are a host of other considerations which are best discussed with professional home builders in Perth such as Ross North Homes who have spent the past 40 years building 10 000 homes in WA’s capital and who are therefore more than qualified to give expert advice on every aspect of planning and building. They build to stringent quality control standards and carefully choose materials that not only look fantastic but withstand the West Australian lifestyles and climate, and you can find their multi award-winning designs on their website or you can contact them on 08 9431 8150 for a friendly conversation with one of their professional team members.