After recently starting to explore the world of Node.js development, one of the first things I have been doing is researching the best frameworks available for the platform, and how they differ from each other.

This post is intended as a quick reference point, with a short summary of the defining qualities, design goals, and potential downsides of each framework. The aim is to give that detail in as concise a form as possible.

Here are the major players at the time of writing (July 2016), in no particular order.


Github stars: 27K. NPM downloads last 12 months: 59m. …

Cron is a daemon process that runs at all times behind the scenes on Unix-like operating systems like Linux and OS X. And by “at all times” I mean whenever your operating system is running — even when you are logged out, for example.

Its function is to execute tasks on a regular schedule. Tasks can be anything that runs from the command-line, and can be scheduled to run on basically any schedule you can think of. For example, seven minutes past every hour, but only during the first Monday of February. It’s flexible.

Tasks (called Cron jobs) are scheduled…

Ross Barnes

Front-end developer from Glasgow, based in Valencia.

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