Tips To Keep Your Heels Newer All The Time

The most important thing about your leather heels is that they are your investment. You get this incomparable investment every time you pull them out of your closet. Just as every investment requires maintenance and care, this one requires too. If given utmost consideration, they will be in perfect condition for years and will justify every single penny you paid for it. One very important thing you got to keep in mind is that every footwear such as when you buy wedges heels in India then it requires care and if you care for it, it will certainly care for you.

Here are some imperative tips for you to know. These will help you maintain your heels working for years -

Stilettos should have rubber bottom — If your stilettos have plastic in their bottom, they rub against that floor’s concrete. This is quite irritating as every step you take will give a tip-tap noise. Plus in a single night, the plastic wears down. And then metal of the heel is exposed that makes the shoe look entirely different than it originally was.
It is not bad to invest in savers — Definitely, you could go for purchasing the heel savers! Heel savers are the caps made of plastic that will cover the heel. These savers protect your heels from subway gates or scratching against the cobblestone or sinking in grass.
For stretching out the shoe, employ the rubbing alcohol solution — This tip would help you maintain your heels properly. Take a spray bottle and prepare the mixture of rubbing alcohol and water in the equal amount. Spritz the solution directly onto the inside and outside of the leather (make sure that the leather is patent, only then spritz on the outside). This is done in order to break down the heels’ stiffness and soften the leather material of the heels.
Never forget to check your heels — Every time you go out for a party or something, never forget to check your heels. If you check, you would not get any surprises of damaged footwear. And then you can also employ pads to your heels and protectors for maintaining your soles.
No stomping! — Women are often stomping their feet and even worse dragging their heels. Your heels are your friends until you take a good care of them. It would be better to walk at a slow pace and bearing an elegant poise. Just like you feel light and delicate, even your shoes should be treated the very same way.
Just as you wear them, take them off from your feet very slightly and properly. You should take proper care while you take your feet out of your heels. For removing, you can use a shoehorn and this will surely prolong the life of your leather footwear.