Con man bilks public of $100M, builds monument to stupidity

That is what the headline of the linked article (below) would be if reporters were truly objective. Because objectivity is about not allowing personal biases to cloud the facts. The bias, in this case, being that somehow religion should be exempt from the need to adhere to the truth.

The reporter is guilty of a particularly annoying faux-objectivity when he quotes Ken Ham on one hand, then mentions that scientists say otherwise as if this is some sort of domestic dispute. This is not a he said/she said issue, all factual evidence is against Ham’s claims: chemistry, physics, geology, biology, genetics, archaeology, and so on, all prove him wrong. While one might argue those are all scientists, we can go further than that.

It’s not only hard science that gives evidence against a global flood, even the liberal arts testify as well. For if Noah’s flood were true, then all human languages would have a common root in what ever language Noah spoke, and we can see that this isn’t the case*. Social studies teachers could show you that the migrations and populations implied by the flood story simply aren’t reflected in the world societies we see today. Any legal scholar would have to find against him as well, since in an evidence-based trial, there is not a single point Ham could argue that would be valid. Even, it should be noted, most theologians would argue that the mythology of a group of desert nomads shouldn’t be accepted as fact anymore than we’d accept the idea of the world being balanced on the back of a turtle.

The only way for the details of Ham’s fable to be true would if that if God himself (or herself) was a liar on a cosmic scale, covering up all the evidence of a 6000 year old flood with wizardly hocus-pocus. Then again, Ham might approve of such a charlatan creator, since that’s the image that he appears to have been made in.

If I raised $100M by promising to build a rocket to Mars, and I created nothing but a replica from some story I once read, I’d be arrested for fraud. Ken Ham should be subject to the same considerations because his ship doesn’t fly either.

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*It’s amusing to note that event the Israelite story-tellers recognized this particular problem and so invented the Tower of Babel as a solution.

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