I think you’ve missed the point profoundly if the thing that you’ve taken offense at is the…
Geraldine DeRuiter

Curse words are only curses when they’re directed at someone. If you’re offended at “sexist asshole”, then please do suggest an equally succint description instead.

If you’re offended at “missing the fucking point”, then the writer has achieved exactly what she wanted. The writing elicits emotion from you by your shock and offense, which is therefore effective writing.

And at the tender age of 27 (50 years younger than the other guy who deemed it relevant to state his age), I’ve figured out that words are only given the power we grant them. Remove your offense from a certain swear words, and suddenly its effect is lost on you, and you regain the power.

There are plenty of renowned poets who use swear words, and yet Richard Lyon here quotes a guy who’s written The Power of the Authentic Life, which includes an image that states: “Politically Correct: a term for whiney, overly sensitive pansies who need everything sugar coated for them.

Like, this is who you’re going to use as a beacon of good writing and morals?!

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