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Every sale matters, now more than ever. That’s why your sales people should be focusing on sales and your finance people on up-selling, NOT productivity-crushing admin work.

Unfortunately, sales and finance people often spend way too much time sourcing lenders or hand-holding deals through the credit approval process. But when all the back-office stuff is handled by DCR, they are freed up to sell more, which in the case of a 25-person sales team, netted over $200K/year in productivity gains:

In times of crisis, we as business leaders do whatever we can to continue to strike a wise and discerning balance between under- and over-reacting. One thing is clear: in spite of myriad disruptions, business must continue. Our families, companies, and employees depend on us for that.

But to be sure of this: business must adapt, and those that most effectively do so in this present crisis will emerge with distinct competitive advantages. As Sequoia Capital recently cited, Zappos came out of the 2007/8 crisis stronger than ever due to some shrewd decisions.

One potentially overlooked but easily solved threat…

In the current environment of remote work forced by the COVID-19 pandemic, the old way of doing things just doesn’t work. We truly must adapt or die.

Remember Moneyball? Billy Beane (Brad Pitt), general manager of the Oakland Athletics Major League Baseball team, had his work cut out for him. Faced with do-or-die odds and a tight budget, Beane had to reinvent his team. He challenged old-school traditions in order to outsmart the richer ball clubs so his team could survive and he could keep his job. How? First, he got clear on the problem:

“The problem we’re trying to…

Ross Stites

Financing commercial equipment should be as easy as getting a credit card online.

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