A heavily curated, delicious framework

I’m borrowing from David Heinemeier Hansson here. Six years ago, he wrote Rails is omakase to capture his notion of what makes a delicious software framework: it is heavily curated and borne of experience. I think of Vue.js the same way.

Here’s an excerpt from DHH’s post:

There are lots of à la carte software environments in this world… I want this for my ORM, I want that for my template language, and let’s finish it off with this routing library… It’s a very popular way of consuming software. Rails is not that. Rails is omakase. A team of chefs picked out the ingredients, designed the APIs, and arranged the order of consumption on your behalf according to their idea of what would make for a tasty full-stack framework. …

Mostly, because it’s so darn fun

I love building applications in Vue.js and here’s why I think the future is looking bright for the framework and its community.

A critical aspect of the Vue philosophy is it be easy to get started. Unlike some other popular frameworks, it’s not necessary to use a complex build tool like Webpack to build an application with it. Just include a script tag pointing to the latest release for development or production, and you have access to the Vue runtime.

<script src=”https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/vue@2.5.21/dist/vue.js"></script>

Having a low barrier to entry makes Vue a worthy consideration as a first JS framework to learn.

Of course, many developers are looking for advanced development features like ES or TypeScript transpilation, hot module replacement, and tree-shaking, made possible by build tools. …

Race report from Ironman Chattanooga 2018

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Another triathlon race season comes to an end.

I became a three-time Ironman when I crossed the finish line at Ironman Chattanooga this past September 30. I’m extremely blessed to have accomplished this feat and owe so much to my family and teammates who have helped make this possible.

I’ve waited a few weeks to collect my thoughts about this race. Immediately afterwards, I was disappointed in the outcome, to say the least. Not so much with the time on the race clock (because every race is different and difficult to compare), but with my ability to rise to the challenge. …


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Doing just about everything through trial and error. JavaScript, Elixir, Ruby. Ironman. Dad jokes.

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