Star Trek Discovery failed in every way it’s possible. Like the Kelvin Timeline from the 2009 reboot, the team behind Discovery don’t understand the universe and think it’s just Star Wars with more dumb politics.
Actually, Disco is just “explosions, cgi, nazi’s klingon, stupid decisions, explosions, cgi, stupid transparent screens and an angry woman who have a problem with everybody”.

The second season is less bad but god, emo spock, srly ? The only good thing in Star Trek Discovery are Tilly, Georgiou, Culber, Stamets and Pike. All the rest is between bad and very bad.

The prime directive is actually “ Not interfering with other societies’ natural progression if this one has not discover warp speed”. ^^

At this moment, if I want to watch a really good Star Trek tv show, it’s Seth McFarlane’s The Orville.