Healthier Lunch Choices

  • How to eat tasty, healthy lunchtime food
  • * Cost effective approaches

As always with healthy lunches, it’s about relativity! Clearly fast food is one option that is cut and dry, however, salty foods and snacks soon take a toll.

As much as it sounds strange, simple actions can vastly improve your health when it comes to lunchtime. Normally it’s the case of lack of preparation leading to the quick option (which if often most unhealthy).

It can also be detrimental if, like me, you train after work and don’t pack enough food to get you through the day!

There is no reason why healthy meals should take long to make and / or be a nuisance.

So there are quite a few viable lunchtime meals / snacks that I have for you.

1) Rice and …

As simple as it sounds, a bag of rice then add fish, meat, poultry or whatever protein source you prefer to the mix.

Couple of minutes to heat up, add some veg and you are sorted!

Simple ✔️

Quick. ✔️

Healthy (depending on meat, sauces etc) ✔️

2) Prepared Rice meals

These would be the likes of supermarket or branded rice pots (with sauces) they will do the job of filling you up for a while but not necessarily the best choice.

If you’re short on time, these can be cheap (depending on the shop) but are by no means the worst choice available.

Quick shot of energy will get back you into the mood when you’re tired.

3) Last nights leftovers

In terms of preparation, it doesn’t get much faster!

Food that is ready and simple needs put in a Tupperware box and reheated. So remarkably simple.

If you only have 30 minutes lunch like me (which I spend most of writing blogs or other business ideas) then time is of the essence!

4) Yoghurts (snack)

As a snack based option, yogurts are ideal for an extra source of protein and feeling more satiated.

They are handy for an additional food source if you have a fridge at work.

Grab and handful and go. It’s a good way to add some extra nutrition to a meal.

5) Nuts / Seeds (Snack)

As an additional lunchtime option these are easily accessible in the supermarkets and can be personalised.

With such a wide variety on offer at supermarkets, it’s easy to find something you like.

Although be mindful of dried fruit (which can have an eyewatering amount of sugar in them). As always, don’t over complicate things (use the basics of the food label if you’re unsure). The fat levels may be higher but it is your “good fats” like omega 3 that makes this slightly misleading.

The last thing you need is to become paranoid about food and calories – keep it simple and avoid paralysis by analysis.

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