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I know what you’re thinking: why is a personal trainer writing about golf? In my defence, I was playing off a handicap of 5 (albeit for a brief spell).

It took hours of relentless dedication all through the year and in all climates, but true to RYPT form, here are my simplified tactics for playing better!

With it being master’s week, what better time for it?

So if you’re getting the clubs out, ready for the new season give this a read and let me know your thoughts in the comment box!

1) Productive Practice

Never, ever go to the driving range with a) only a driver b) two clubs or c) the intention of only hitting one shot.

Give yourself plenty time, try different shots, mix it up, aim for different targets. In golf, no two shots are the same so use your time at the range to replicate that too.

If you’re looking at changing something, keep it simple and think about one thing at a time.

2) Think Right

Don’t let one bad shot spoil your round. I’ve always been intrigued by sports psychology and especially golf where there is a correlation between the mind and performance.

Take a deep breath after a bad shot, isolate it and don’t let it continue.

Once it starts to recur, the mind begins to predict what will happen and it’s a downward spiral.

Mind over matter! Golf isn’t all about ability, it’s played between your ears too.

3) Back to Basics

When it comes to improving your game, the simplest way if often the best.

Knowing how far you hit certain clubs may seem obvious but it’s the difference between guessing and knowing. As mentioned earlier the brain will dictate how assertive you are with a shot.

This is especially useful on chipping and pitching – even a rough idea goes a long way.

4) Nutrition

Golf is a long sport – particularly if you’re stuck behind that fourball.

Snacks to boost sugar levels and improve concentration are vital. Fruit, nuts, energy bars and so on can provide a quick getup. Don’t let hunger ruin your game: be prepared.

Make it as essential to your round as tees and balls.

The same goes for hydration (and beer doesn’t count). Top up the water bottle before you leave.

5) Warmup

Flailing a club around aimlessly doesn’t really constitute a warmup.

The best warmups in any situation get the blood flowing through all the major muscle groups. A brisk walk to the first tee is a start but you should be looking at rotation drills and controlled breathing too.

Make the effort to warmup properly, the last thing you want is an injury (especially to the back).

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